Abbots Langley Reminiscences 1
Edited by Jan Palmer

Reminiscences 1

Abbots Langley Reminiscences 1 is volume 1 of the reminiscences of local people of Abbots Langley, Bedmond and the surrounding area.


Bob Simons:
Living in the Abbots Langley High Street, Mary Busby’s local Undertaker, Cricket Club & how things changed when the new estates were built.
Pat Russell:
Arrived in Abbots Langley in 1953. St Lawrence Church Fire on 14 February 1969. Mothers’ Union.
Dick Baker:
Bedmond man, now living in Abbots Langley. Life in Bedmond between and after the two world wars.
Doris Smith:
Living in Abbots Langley. Some memories of the two world wars and the development of Abbots Langley and Leavesden.
Geoffrey Flanders:
Growing up in Abbots Langley.
Peter Sanders:
Moved into Kindersley Way in 1957. Development of Kindersley Way. Spooky event in St Lawrence and changes in Abbots Langley High Street.
Joan Sanders:
The development of the health service in Abbots Langley.
Bill Goode:
St Lawrence church clock.

Published in May 2007 by the Abbots Langley Local History Society. 56 pages, including 14 photographs.

Available at Society events for £3.00. Also available at St Lawrence Church Office and the Parish Council Office. Available by post in the UK for £4.30 including p&p. Please e-mail with your address details for postal orders and to enquire about overseas orders.


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