Lettuces and Letters
by Ariadne Katina Riley

Lettuces and Letters

Memories of the origins of the first Hillside Greengrocer's Shop and Post Office in the 1950s.

In September 2006, Ariadne returned to the place of her birth to see the house in Hazelwood Lane where she was born and the row of shops at School Mead on the Hillside Estate. She was disappointed and saddened to find all the shops boarded up and behind a tall wooden barricade. She is the daughter of the very first Sub-Postmaster of Hillside, and by chance she met Jean Page who happened to work at the Post Office with Ariadne's father. It wasn't long before Ariadne was put in touch with her long lost Godmother, Beryl Cain.

As a result. Ariadne wanted to know more about the place of her birth, and joined the Abbots Langley Local History Society in 2007 as a distant member. She began to research, transcribe recorded conversations and write about her memories of life in Abbots Langley prior to her family emigrating to Australia in 1960. This booklet is the result.

Published in December 2013 by the Abbots Langley Local History Society. 60 pages, including 25 illustrations. ISBN 978-0-9541652-5-3

Available at Society events for £3.00. Available by post in the UK for £4.40 including p&p. Please e-mail with your address details for postal orders and to enquire about overseas orders.


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