Journal Index

The Journal Index has been created as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

The rows of the spreadsheet list all of the main articles and their authors in each Journal. Each row contains additional information extracted from each Journal article. This additional information is listed under a number of headings, which provide for sorting and searching in a variety of ways.

The most useful tool is probably a simple search using the 'Ctrl' and 'F' keys. Details on the various search techniques are contained in the document 'Tips for using the ALLHS Journal Index'.

Having searched and sorted the spreadsheet, extracts of appropriate columns can be made. As well as the Excel spreadsheet itself, two extracts are also available for download. They are PDF documents that list the index of Journal contents in two different ways.

Journal Index files:

When future Journals are published their content will be added to the index and updated versions of the index will be available for download.

Thank you to Tim and Lesley Brooks for making the index available and to Trevor and Wanda Foulkes for updating it.


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