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Nones at Merton Priory, Sunday 5th May 2013

The Augustinian Priory of St Mary's Merton has been the venue for the Office of Nones annually since 1998. In 2013 we are celebrating for the 16th time here at Merton. Nones will be said at 3pm on Sunday 5th May 2013.

Further information may be obtained by contacting or Merton Priory, 15 Rossiter Road, London SW12 9RY.

Further information and history available from announcement of Nones, 2010 and Nones, 2008.

Nicholas Breakspear: Pope Adrian IV
Trained at Merton Augustinian Priory. Display panel prepared by Friends of Merton Priory
Circa 1100 Born near St.Albans (Bedmond, Abbots Langley)
1125 Arrives at Merton
1130 Nicholas arrives at St. Rufus Augustinian Priory, Avignon.
(Merton Priory built of stone.)
Friend of John of Salisbury, who wrote of conversations he had with Nicholas about the Canons of Merton.
1137 By now he was Abbot of St. Rufus and Pope Eugene III removed him as being "too strict" and made him a Cardinal.
1146 Bishop of Albano
1152 The Pope created a post for him to fulfil his many gifts and he became a Papal Legate to Scandinavia. His work in Norway and Sweden earned him sainthood among the Scandinavians. Built cathedral at Hamar and reconstructed the church.
1154 Unanimously elected Pope.
1159 Died at Anagni and buried in the Vatican where his tomb may still be seen. (He was an Augustinian)

We are assuming that St. Rufus is the Rufus whose father carried the Cross on Good Friday.


Display panel produced by Friends of Merton Priory for the 7th Nones on 2nd May 2004 at Merton Priory



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